My name is Kevin Buckstiegel and I am an independent web designer and developer. Skilled at design, focusing on front-end development with the experience to view projects as a whole, while remaining affordable. Interest in web design and programming has been recently reignited due to the new possibilities derived from tablet and mobile form factors. Thanks to newer, rapidly adapting technologies, mobile responsive web design ( RWD ) and touch UI / UX capabilities allow for more creative opportunities for both desktop and mobile experiences.


Kevin BuckstiegelI create web sites for small to medium sized business owners, back-end developers and individual talents. Development ranges from hand coded HTML static landing pages to full featured WordPress. In addition, assisting businesses in their design, development and deployment of email newsletter campaigns. Graphic design services are also available for small print jobs of company's marketing materials.


Recently based in Grand Rapids, Michigan from Chicago, I have been working in the web design industry as a web developer and user interface architect beginning in 1996 before moving on to self-employment ( remote, off-site contract and freelance ) since 2000. I enjoy what I do and would love to share that same passion on your next project. Contact me via the form below to start a conversation.

We have been working with Kevin for the past three years, and will continue to do so as our web site is updated on a regular basis. We never have to worry, as Kevin is efficient, talented, reliable, and always takes the initiative to make sure things work properly. Our web site is attractive, informative, and easy to navigate thanks to Kevin.
- Cindy S.

Front-End Design and Development
User Interface (UI) Focused
Mobile Responsive
Clean & Organized Deliverables
Hand Coded
Javascript & PHP (limited)
Email Design Development and Deployment
Custom Templating
Mobile Optimized
Responsive Abilities
Outlook Compatibility
ESP Account Management
Campaign Deployment
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Print Design Graphic Design
Logo Design
Branding Packages
3 Fold Brochures
Business Cards
InDesign (limited)
Mac / Windows



Broadway In Chicago
GVP Development
Trade Acceptance Group
Gregory Harrington


In working with Kevin, I have learned to have utmost confidence that everything will be done, and done on time! When we did a complete redesign of our website, his ideas were great and his work was always completed. In all projects we have done together, he is truly an asset and very easy to work with.
- John Z.