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As we are moving our websites over to responsive and mobile-first designs, it’s nice to take a break from time to time and appreciate some of the symbols we see on our devices daily. The most interesting and memorable symbols to me are the power symbol and the bluetooth symbol.

I remember when working with HannaHodge back in the early 2000s, Bluetooth made a public announcement of it’s new logo. To my surprise, the same symbol was on the back of my work business card. The only difference was that I had hand drawn it. It had the same fundamental angles as the newly proposed Bluetooth logo. I decided to fold and no longer use my version of the symbol. Nowadays, this symbol is as commonly seen as the Apple logo, if not even more.

As an Apple fanboy, the first thing you look for when getting a shiny new Macbook Pro or the like, was that power button. This symbol starts your day and also ends it. Everyday. A friend of mine has also tattooed it on the nape of his neck. Everyone knows what to do when they see that symbol!

If you have a few extra minutes today, take a look at this website’s presentation of some of these UI symbols.